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  • red leather Seventies sofa

    Retro rehab

    Mid-century Scandi, folk art, architectural reclamation, garden antiques – and the resurgence of our old friend 'brown' furniture

  • Gin & Tonic Candles

    Gin and candles. I mean seriously, could you get a more female friendly pressie?

  • Deck the halls

    .. and the walls, the table, the staircase, the mantelpiece, the garden ... oh, and little ol' you!

  • Going autumnal

    Ready for autumn. Uh, no not yet, thanks very much. But I bet I'll sway you with these ideas of how to create a the cosiest of autumn snugs

  • Jazz up your jardin

    You ready to al fresco? Meet Rosara, your new Bicester BFF for outdoor style that knocks John Lewis into touch.

  • Ooh, I’d love one of these

    Beautiful hand-crafted designs from Tom Raffield for us to gawp at as we laze about in bed while the kids sit diligently doing their homework (*cue hysterical laughter*).

  • Wouldn’t you though?

    I’m a bit over spending a fortune on candles, but this number by Tom Dixon is so unlike anything I’ve seen I thought I’d put it on the blogaroo.

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