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Concierge Medical

Muddy says: Ever wished you had a private doctor? God bless the NHS, but sometimes it can be, er, frustrating… Which is why we at Muddy are putting Concierge Medical on speed dial.

doctor child stethoscope

The UK’s first and only concierge medical practice, this, people, is your new go-to GP. Founded by Dr Karl Braine and Dr Simon Gillson, it’s won national awards for the round-the-clock healthcare it’s been providing to its members in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire since 2013. And it takes all the stress out of medical matters. And we all know how much stress comes with those!

For starters, the GPs (there are seven to choose from, four male and three female) come to you – how brilliant is that! Whether you’re at home or work (whatcha doing there if you’re ill?), the doctor is calling. I feel better already! Seriously though, house calls are especially brilliant if you have a poorly little person (or mama or papa you’re looking after), as it feels heartrending to have to disturb a vulnerable charge from their sickbed and cart them off to a germ-ridden GPs’ waiting room. And if you need to call them out ten times, you won’t pay ten times, as there’s a flat monthly fee so you don’t get penalised for being ill.

Get an appointment when you want one and with the same doctor every time (anyone else baffled when they’re asked to name their GP? I’ve hardly seen the same one ever!), feel free to take longer than five minutes (I’ve known some NHS doctors to set an alarm) and avoid A&E on a Sunday when your toddler is running a high temperature or you need a quick medical intervention to get you fit for work on a Monday. This is all music to our ears – how do we sign up?!

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