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Salisbury Sports Therapy

For a specialist and progressive form of Sports Massage, Salisbury Sports Therapy leads the way in Wilts.

I’ll confess that I’m a newbie to sports massage. One, because I’m a total loser on the sports field and two, the type of massage I prefer involves whale music and eucalyptus, ideally in a spa, let’s go for that one with mood showers… Sorry, back on track. What I meant to say was, with these guys I’m half tempted to feign injury just to get my muscles massaged!

Salisbury Sports Therapy offers a progressive approach to sports massage, differing from the traditional ways of, y’know, just rubbing the bit that hurts. The magical, golden-fingered Sam combines proven techniques which help her to more accurately identify and treat the muscles that are causing you problems. She then uses highly effective Muscle Activation techniques to restore your muscles to their optimum state. Which is what we like to hear!

These advanced techniques will whoop the c**p out of all kinds of problems including arthritis, ankle instability, long-standing knee pain, hip conditions, stiff neck and lower back pain as well as any sporting issues. The science is simple (it has to be, with me) – your muscles determine how you hold yourself and how you move, and this massage releases tight and dysfunctional muscles so you hold yourself as you’re supposed to, allowing your body to feel better, your strength to be restored and you generally feeling less pain.

A bit of detail for the geeks amongst us: Muscle Activation is an innovative treatment and can help resolve injuries quicker than traditional physio approaches. It brings together a number of pioneering physiotherapy, sports therapy and osteopathy techniques, and is radically changing the way Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists and other body workers view and treat their clients. In fact, we have asked Sam to tell us more about it as it’s so blooming cool, so watch this space for her explanation!

Pure Health Fitness and Therapies, Odstock, Salisbury SP5 4JB

01722 632218

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