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How to upgrade your life

Feeling like there’s something missing in your existence? That you’re not quite living your personal best? We’ve found a man to help…

blonde woman sunset grassIf you’re a sceptical sort then a feature about a life coach whose teachings are based in the ancient Indian tradition of Dharma and Vedic astrology is probably going to make you go, “Seriously?”, but stay with me because Michael Geary, who hails from America and lives near Cirencester, offers something really rather special. And if you’re feeling a bit stuck in your life, he may be just what you need as we wind down from the long, hot summer and settle into the “let’s grab life by the horns” vibe of autumn. In a nutshell, Michael, who has studied and practised Vedic astrology for decades, has the power to offer you deep insights into who you are and, consequently, advice on how you can supercharge your potential and live the life you’re meant to live. And who doesn’t need a bit of that?


What is Vedic astrology?

woman mirror woodsDating back millennia, Vedic astrology is based on the Vedas, the ancient Indian yoga scriptures which were written between 1500BC and 700BC. The original form of astrology, it is far more complex than Western astrology – and you need years to understand it – but it’s much, much more accurate (I won’t blind you with science, but of the many differences it uses the sidereal zodiac which is what Nasa uses, rather than Western astrology’s tropical astrology). It doesn’t glibly predict your future, but rather gives you a deep insight into your character – your strengths and weaknesses – as well as pointing out opportunities and threats. It covers all areas of your life and is rather unnervingly like looking into a mirror that sees through to your innermost being. When Michael read my chart, he was able to tell me about aspects of myself that I had only ever had a dim understanding of. It felt like missing pieces of a jigsaw were suddenly dropping into place.


What’s Michael’s background?

beard glasses vedic astrology

Michael, whom I’d hazard to be a young-looking, early sixty-something, started meditating at the age of 12. Brought up in Massachusetts, after art school he made the 1970s pilgrimage to India, but rather than follow the hippy trail, he dived into ancient wisdom, holing up in a monastery in Vrindavan, where he studied to be a monk. When his master passed away, he headed back to the US and ended up on, of all places, Wall Street. This seems to have been karma though, as there he discovered that even 1980s, “greed-is-good” alpha males were drawn to mystical wisdom – and if they were, well… So Michael decided to eschew the money markets and instead dedicate his life to helping everyone from bankers to soul seekers find more meaning in their lives using the dharma model of existence.


So what’s Dharma?

monk orange robes hands

The four principles of Dharma are truth, respect, purity and effort. And ancient yogis said that if you follow them you’ll have a balanced, sustainable life. In the workshops Michael runs, he goes deep into these, but briefly: truth is your identity, what you’re doing here and how you can find self-satisfaction; respect is to do with your relationships; purity is the standards that guide you and your highest ideal; and effort is the passion, dedication and discipline you bring to your life. This model is deeply embedded in Vedic astrology.


What happens in a Vedic astrology consultation?

Before a one-to-one session you send Michael your birth details – date, time and place – and he prepares your chart, the reading of which forms the basis of the consultation. By looking at where all the planets were at the exact time you were born, he is able to draw an astonishingly accurate picture of you, your life so far, your current situation and how you can grab hold of your future. He had some quite staggering insights into my personality, my relationships and my career. He accurately pinpointed a very creative time of my life and shone a light on some latent potential that could be a rich vein for me to mine. He told me which aspects of my personality weren’t serving me and where I was excelling. Every question I asked had profoundly detailed answers and he had so much information about me at his fingertips, I felt like we barely touched the surface (I can see why some clients book him for whole weekends). We even briefly looked at the charts of my three children and he read them all to a “t” and was able to tell me what I could best do for each of them, which, frankly, was gold dust. He makes a recording of each session which means you can listen back – which you really need to do because, as I say, there is SO much information.


How can Vedic astrology help you?

buddha flowers

As Michael explained to me, so many of us live in relation to the demands life puts on us – culture, family, life experiences – which means we end up reacting to life in self-limiting ways rather than creating a dynamic path that blows open our true potential. Through reading your chart, Michael gets an insight into your intrinsic nature and so can help show you where you’re playing small and what you can do to get on the path of living your superwoman (or superman) life. So, in answer to what Vedic astrology can do for you – a lot!!


Michael offers one-to-one private consultations and personalised coaching (Skype or face-to-face); workshops and seminars; and online courses and programmes, launching this autumn., email: info@michaelgeary.couk, tel: 07802 254300

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