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  • white roses twigs paper with spring written on it

    Spring into action!

    Chalford-based yoga guru and wellbeing font of knowledge Claire Beeley talks through the steps you should take to make a smooth transition into the new season.

  • And….relax

    Growing a baby? Yep, you'll need our top tips on how to do it in style

  • How to be happy in 2018

    Promised yourself less 'going to' and more 'do' this year? Here are 26 inspiring courses and retreats to help kickstart your 2018.

  • 10 unlikely benefits of yoga

    Flexibility, mindfulness, relaxation, strength – yeah, yeah, we all know yoga does that, but what about these health perks?

  • Seaside calling

    Fancy upping sticks to live in your favourite holiday spot? Don’t hit the estate agents until you’ve read this.

  • Divorcing? 9 Tips on how to keep it clean

    I seem to have hit the age where every week I hear about another friend or aquaintance who is divorcing. Are you in the zone too? It’s awful to watch but clearly not even a flea’s bite as tough as going through it yourself, especially when there are kids involved. Hence this interview (below) on how to split amicably (or at least try to) by divorce expert Sue Andrews at Bucks-based BP Collins solicitors.

  • Are you a work-life ‘blender’?

      I’ve been hearing a lot lately about work-life ‘blending’. Do you know about it? It’s the new Thing apparently that will save us from our constant failure to create a work life balance. The effort to ‘balance’ inevitably consists of see-sawing too much one way or another and is almost impossible to sustain for any length […]

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