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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

It's autumn, and it's the perfect time to look after yourself with these inspirational wellbeing retreats, courses, spas and festivals in Glos and Wilts

It’s autumn 2019 and for me, time for a reboot. Health, life, fitness, wellbeing…it’s the perfect chance to think about how you’d like to focus on wellness for the autumn and beyond. What do you fancy? A personal trainer who works with the whole ‘you’? A spa day with a difference? A festival dedicated to wellbeing and mindfulness? Whatever your goal, we have scoured Glos and Wilts (and a little bit beyond) for our favourite courses, classes and spa weekends to help you superboost your motivational mojo. Here’s to a happy summer, because frankly, we’re worth it.


The change-your-life course

Spell Your Life

Got any dreams packed away that you’ve given up on? Well, get ready to unpack them with this magical life-coaching experience which quite literally can change your life! Founded by former corporate travel director Claudia Unger, Spell Your Life is a life-coaching experience designed to help mainly women (not exclusively though, you men can come too) change their lives for the better. How? By tapping into the inner wisdom that lies at the core of every person. If this sounds a bit airy-fairy, don’t be fooled, finding out what makes you tick, grounding yourself and harnessing the magic you hold within you is the key to unlocking your potential and making your dreams come true. It’s about a holistic approach to your life-enhancing goal, looking at five core areas – body, mind, soul, movement and nature – all key to unlocking your potential. You can set up coaching sessions with Claudia that are bespoke, but what makes this experience special is that you can also opt for one of the ready-made courses. We love the Magic Mirror, a course all about loving your reflection and who you are.


The wellness experts 
Purelands Acupunture
After top quality care with a personal touch? Purelands has got you covered! We love this small, dynamic team of Chinese Medicinal specialists, with a mission to tackle pain and health problems using ancient Chinese wisdom combined with cutting edge modern knowledge. And that, in a nutshell, is Purelands Acupuncture. They have experience in successfully treating a variety of conditions such as back pain, headaches, fertility issues and even depression. Basically, a treatment with Purelands is the perfect remedy to bring your mind and body back into balance and clear out lingering pain once and for all, leaving you to focus on the important things!
The yoga dames
The Santosha Studio
Turning to yoga? Then you’ll love The Santosha Studio, an oasis of calm in the heart of Chippenham. A friendly, inviting studio, offering a place of sanctuary, Santosha is the ideal place to practise yoga. Open seven days a week, Santosha has a packed schedule of daily yoga classes, including Yoga for Beginners (yep, that’s me), Yoga for Teens, Yoga for Children, plus classes for pre- and post-pregnancy. They also have Pilates classes both for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Check out their fully equipped Pilates studio where you can sign up for 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 sessions. Feeling stressed? Need time out, to re-set and re-connect with yourself? The Santosha Studio has a wide range of workshops ranging from Mindfulness to Gong Baths, plus regular KMI Structural Integration sessions.
The Yoga Glow
Join the wonderful Jay in her yoga retreats across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and further afield – anyone fancy a week in Italy doing yoga next May? Uh, yes, obvs! She also shares light hearted yoga classes in Gloucestershire – experience powerful, joyful vinyasa or hatha yoga classes that will take you deeper into your body and mind, allowing your everyday stresses to fall away, breath by breath. Experience profound releases in your body and mind through a quiet and peaceful yin yoga practice. Learn to surrender, discover the art of letting go, allow the long holds in poses to unlock deeply held tension and to cultivate patience and stillness.

One Grove, Cheltenham

There’s something a bit different about Pilates and yoga studio One Grove in Cheltenham. You feel it as soon as you walk through the door when it’s like you’ve turned up for lunch with your bessies – everyone is so friendly and the reception space is more like someone’s living room! But this warm atmosphere belies the serious mission that One Grove is on: to help everyone who comes to them to achieve a strong, supple and balanced body. As they put it: “We are not a gym, we are an education.” From gentle Pilates to Jump HIIT Express classes, beginners and advanced yoga to ballet barre workouts, all levels of intensity are on offer with a team whose impressive skills and experience (there are on-site physiotherapists and a massage therapist) will ensure you stay out of trouble, while you hone that super bod you’ve been dreaming about!


Stroud Yoga Space, Stroud

We love this oasis of calm where you can practise yoga, meditation and Pilates with some of the area’s best teachers. Oh, and there’s an utterly fab shop for retail therapy nirvana, too! The brainchild of Dru Yoga teacher Rachel Mellish, Stroud Yoga Space embodies yoga, which means ‘union’, in its fullest sense, bringing together a broad range of teachers all with their own styles to teach under one roof. And what a space under that roof! For anyone used to draughty village halls, the two studios, Earth, downstairs, and Sun, upstairs, are a revelation. Beautifully calm, they have bamboo floors with underfloor heating, plenty of light and room for 10 to 12 people, which keeps classes nice and intimate. The range of classes is properly impressive, too – there are up to nine classes a day, seven days a week, and as well as the usual Vinyasa Flow and Pilates sessions, you’ll find Yogalates, a blend of yoga and Pilates, Dru Yoga, a gentle Tai Chi style of yoga, Egyptian Belly Dancing, Pregnancy and Mother and Baby Yoga, Teen Yoga, Family Yoga, Yoga for children with special needs, and a Friday Lunchtime Power Yoga Nap to get you ready for the weekend. And don’t forget about that shop! It stocks the most amaaazing gear. You can read about it


The Personal Trainer

Kirsty Victoria, Swindon

Meet Kirsty Victoria, a 30 something lawyer-turned-fitness professional who specialises in working with brides who want to get fit, lose weight and fit into the wedding dress of their dreams in time for the big day. This lady truly knows that looking your best on your wedding day is one of the biggest concerns brides have, but trying to get fit and lose weight whilst planning a wedding is HARD… And that’s where Kirsty Victoria comes in – she fully understands this, and works hand in hand with brides to achieve their wedding dress goals. Her Bridal PT service is a monthly online membership program that gets results by working out when it suits you. This includes gym and home workouts, nutritional advice, food plans and loads more. Need a fast fix, quickly? Her Wedding Dress Transformation programme lasts for 8 weeks, and has already helped dozens of brides feel incredible in their wedding dress. Need more than this? Kirsty Victoria offers a limited number of one to one coaching slots in Cirencester or Swindon for brides who are committed to working with her for at least 3 months. This is tailored to you and your lifestyle to give you all the help you need to lose weight and feel your beautiful best in your wedding dress. NOT getting hitched? Kirsty also works with women on 1-2-1 PT, plus she offers a 12 week coaching programme to nail down nutrition. Don’t forget to use her discount code SAVETHEDATE19 to get 20% off her 8 Week and Bespoke programmes!


Lucy Askew at LA Movement, Glos/Oxon

Photo by Hayley Hawn

Forget six million sit ups and busting through your burpees to burn off a few pounds, the latest personal trainer looks at the whole you, treating the body and mind holistically (and ideally in some gorgeous location in the Cotswolds.) Lucy Askew is one of a new breed of super-trainers, helping you become happier, healthier and stronger through movement of all sorts. In her words, taking action and moving your body, be it a walk in the fresh air with the dog or killing yourself on a Crossfit workout in the gym is highly correlated with happiness. And as we know, becoming happier helps motivate you to make healthier choices, leading to growth in self-esteem and confidence. Which in turn means you become stronger in body and mind – a virtuous circle!

Lucy works with her clients to develop simple strategies to help them move more – strategies which can be incorporated into your life with ease and a sense of fun. She will also help with weight loss, toning, and more specific performance or health goals, plus healthy eating and nutrition. Beyond the gym, she helps clients edit out the ’noise’ in the wellness environment, to recognise the good information from the bad and so adopt healthy new behaviours. Apart from having a blooming good laugh with her, she will make you realise you are absolutely capable of achieving more than you think, and if there is one thing you do for yourself this new year it’s to get out there and Move! She’s a good motivator, this one… Email, Instagram @la_movement


The outdoor swim
Explore Glos and Wilt’s crazily wild outdoor swimming places, even in the freezing cold. Our rivers and lakes are cleaner, safer and more accessible than at any time in living memory and the health benefits of a wild swim or natural dip are also now well known, so take the plunge and dip in. That’ll be you, obvs. Not me. There are some amazing spots along the River Windrush, and in Cotswold Country Park.
The Spa

Cowley Manor Spa, Cowley, nr Cheltenham


Treat yourself at a contemporary take on the Cotswold country house hotel where chic modern interiors and stupendous surroundings equals 21st-century nirvana. Cowley’s amazing spa, C-Side, is an indulgent space with pools both indoors and out, with holistic and cutting edge treatments and a range of organic wonder products. Their fab Spa Days include Daylight Relax or Sunset, each with a treatment of your choice, plus lunch or dinner and use of all the gorgeous facilities. Their Pregnancy Spa Days are great, too.


The Festivals

Turns out festivals aren’t just for mainlining pear cider – who knew?! Here are some wellbeing weekends to boost your health this summer. Namaste!
Verve Festival, Ebbesborne Wake, Wilts, 7-8 Sep

Get your tix now for this fab new wellness festival celebrating health, fitness and the great outdoors. All ages are welcome for a weekend of yoga and meditation, Pilates, exercise classes and guided farm runs in the most picturesque location imaginable in South Wiltshire, plus there will be a full education programme, covering health & wellness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, life coaching, children’s health and much more. Enjoy mindful activities such as foraging, bushcraft in the woods, silent walks or landscape drawing with a local artist. Reconnect with yourself and your surroundings in workshops that celebrate the beauty of The Chalke Valley and promote mindfulness and wellbeing. Oh, and there is a Zest Spa! What’s not to like?

Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival, Various Locations, Cheltenham, Sat 9 Sep to Sun 15 Sep


This brand new Cheltenham Festival is a little different to what we’d usually see during festival season, but is equally as exciting for anyone who loves self care and well being focused events. Just about everything will be covered during the event including health, fitness, nutrition, mental health and financial well-being. Bag a fab 20% off for all Muddy readers, so grab your purse and get those tix before all these amazing workshops are filled up. Muddy readers get a FAB 20% OFF with code CWFAD019.

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