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Pubs & Inns

  • The Bell at Ramsbury

    It’s Tuesday, it’s raining again and I’m off to cheer myself up with a good ole stuff up in the oh-so-delightful village of Ramsbury. A mere stiletto’s throw from Marlborough, this picture-perfect spot hovers over the River Kennet (most of which seems to be washing down the high street today), and is the ideal place, when it’s not flooded, for a family walk. The Bell is a 300 year old former coaching inn, voted Wiltshire Life pub and restaurant of the year, sitting in the heart of Wiltshire’s Best Kept Large Village, having won…yada, yada, yada. Yes, we all love an award but let’s get down to the important stuff and what we’re really here for. The food.

  • 24 Hours at Stonehenge

    24 hours bang slap in the centre of Wilts with a bunch of ancient stones and uh...not much else. Can you really spend a whole 24 hours there? 'Course you can!

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